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This privacy policy is provided by Shanghai ChuLe (TouchPal) Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("TouchPal") and applies to TouchPal Keyboard, including our mobile apps and other various cloud-based services, and the products and services offered in connection with the TouchPal Keyboard. It may be helpful for you to understand what kind of data we collect and how we use it. To provide you with a better keyboard experience, we collect data anonymously on the way you interact with TouchPal Keyboards and data on the performance of TouchPal Keyboards. We take your privacy and data security seriously. We put forth a lot of effort to keep the data that we collect as safe as possible and use it in a proper way.

1. Data and Usage

Here is some information about what kind of data we collect or record and the way you interact with our application.

Data that we collect or record:

We may collect information concerning the words and phrases that you input (e.g. an input sequence, the application's name, which TouchPal Keyboard it is applied in, a selected candidate word/phrase, words/phrases added to the dictionary) and import them into your own user dictionary. We may learn your own wording from your inputted text messages (SMS or MMS), in order to help us provide you with a faster and more precise prediction. We may also import your contact names into your own user dictionary, so that you can type your contact names faster. The imported contact names will only exist within your phone.

We may collect the way you use TouchPal Keyboard (e.g. how often you use each keyboard layout, a status of other similar product that you have installed, how you use each function inside TouchPal Keyboard). We may collect your device type information (e.g. IMEI, MAC, Android ID, device manufacture, device model, screen resolution), so that we can provide you a product more suitable with your phone by activating each mobile device. Such activation information may be uploaded to the server. We may collect location information (e.g. Locale data, IP data) to assist us to orient the region or country that you are located. Then we are able to improve the prediction with different trends words according to different location.

We may record your email address after your feedback is sent through your email address. Your device type and API level may be automatically filled into the draft message in order to help us troubleshoot your problem. You may remove the device information manually.

You may register a TouchPal account through your existing Google account and your TouchPal account may be recorded in the server. You are able to purchase goods or service inside the product. For those purchases completed by a third service, e.g. Google Play Billing, only trading statuses may be recorded.

Data that we do not collect:

We will not collect or record your pin code entered in a password field, or your credit card entered in a secure text filed for any reason.

We will not collect or record other contact information except contact names.

2. Data Transfer, Storage and Disclosure


If you log in your TouchPal account, your user dictionary is periodically transferred over encrypted channel to our servers. For those VIP users, your user dictionary may be stored in the server automatically, so that you are able to synchronize your own user dictionary whenever and wherever your need.

All data transferred by us between your device and our services is encrypted.


All TouchPal Keyboard user data stored is fully encrypted and governed by applicable privacy protection laws.


We will not disclose your personal information or any other data that we collected or recorded to any third party unless you have consented to such disclosure or where we are required to do so by law.

3. Access and Usage

We may need a network access to detect whether your device is online and what kind of network is connected. In an online situation, a version test is preformed to detect whether it is the latest version and the latest popular words may be updated to your dictionary. You may also access our product store and download different language packs or Curve data packages from the server.

We may need a run-at-startup access. Once startup, a version/dictionary test may be carried on and contact names may be imported into your own user dictionary.

We may need a vibration-control access to realize a vibration by pressing each buttons in TouchPal Keyboard, in order to provide a better user experience.

We may need an access to install or uninstall shortcuts on the desktop of the device.

We may store auxiliary files related with TouchPal Keyboard on your SD card and read them from your SD card. We promise that we will not obtain other information unrelated with TouchPal Keyboard from your SD card.

4. For the First installation

TouchPal Keyboard provides a smart prediction technology by learning the way you input. Upon the first installation, an access to your SMS/MMS message is required to establish a base for your personalized language model.

5. Policy Changes

Changes in this policy will be posted on our Websites. You are advised to check our Websites regularly to view our most recent privacy policy. Your continued use of the TouchPal Keyboard after we post the revised Privacy Policy constitutes your acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy.

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