What is TouchPal Input Suite?

TouchPal Input Suite delivers an entirely new input experience to smartphones. You can simply blind type on your touchscreen, no longer worrying about mistyping or misspelling. As a result, you’ll find yourself typing 60% fewer keystrokes thanks to TouchPal’s next-generation prediction engine.

Bottom line: TouchPal enables you to input much faster and much more easily.

TouchPal Input Suite includes the following products:

  • TouchPal Input
  • TouchPal Curve Input
  • TouchPal Handwriting Input
  • TouchPal Input for Tablets

TouchPal Demo Video

Next Up: TouchPal Curve!

Why tap when you can swipe? TouchPal Curve is the next generation of predictive swiping technology. With other swiping keyboards, you have to swipe through the complete word. With Curve, you only need to swipe the first part of the word and Curve technology completes the word for you. It’s fast, easy and amazing accurate.

That’s Right: Blind type on your touchscreen!

With TouchPal Input, you don’t have to worry about mistyping. In fact, you don’t even need to look at the keyboard for more than a second or two. Just blind type on the screen and the 'right word' will appear – all via our patented predictive technology. Better still, TouchPal Input will correct the mistyping based on the keys you pressed and the context. Fast, easy, accurate.

Smarter next-word prediction

TouchPal Input offers intelligent next-word prediction by analyzing the sentence context and each user’s unique input. This is accomplished by analyzing billions of texts and generating sophisticated language models.

Multilingual support

It’s a big world. TouchPal Input supports more than 60 languages. We’ve released TouchPal Input for the Android market in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Russian, German and Chinese, with more on the way.