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TouchPal Keyboard, also known as TouchPal Smart Input, is a popular mobile keyboard application developed by CooTek (Cayman) Inc. It is equipped with an artificial intelligence engine and AI-powered virtual assistant, named Talia. Talia can automatically perceive conversations to provide accurate and relevant information such as appropriate replies, weather forecast, contact information, and more. TouchPal Keyboard also strives to break the mold of typical mobile communication with AvatarMoji and its other fun features to empower users to create and share visual and auditory representations of themselves.
TouchPal won the Global Champion of 2009 GSMA Mobile Innovation Awards.
TouchPal released new features: Adjustable keyboard height / Gesture for deleting words / One-handed layout.
TouchPal released a new feature: Theme Customization.
TouchPal announced strategic partnership with Yahoo. The integration was called Yahoo Search in Apps.
TouchPal was marked as TOP DEVELOPER in Google Play Store.
TouchPal was awarded Google Play Best Apps of 2015.
TouchPal released new features: GIF / Sticker / BoomText.
TouchPal was presented at Google I/O. The brand new keyboard supported Google's newly released Android Wear 2.0 preview.
TouchPal was globally featured by Google Play.
TouchPal expanded GIF support with Tenor. The enhanced GIF experience was called Pop Smiley.
TouchPal released a new feature: Live Theme.
TouchPal's Facebook Page had 5.5 million Followers.
TouchPal launched the first NLM based predictive engine, combined with an AI Assistant, Talia.
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